“Her body was skeletal, and the moonlight clearly revealed the bones beneath her sallow skin. She had long, sleek black hair, and looked sideways to offer a brief smile.”
Avanti seems deeply unwell. Her body reminds Perry of a walking corpse.

Avanti is gaunt, frail, and streaming with snot and mucus. She seems deeply unwell, and Perry starts to worry.

So, when Avanti keeps giving away all her food, Perry confronts her about it.

‘I’ve told you –’ said Avanti, ‘I feel like I’ll become fat if I eat! Why do you have to be so horrible about it?’

‘Because that’s ridiculous!’ exclaimed Perry. ‘Of course you won’t be fat.’

‘Forget it,’ snapped Avanti. ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about.’


Avanti is gone.

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