The Holy State of Borea

The holy state of Borea presides over every corner of the land, and its control is absolute.

Long ago, before anyone alive can remember, the holy state took over from ‘the time before’. Its purpose is simple: to maintain peace and clarity, so that subjects (citizens) do not degenerate to a point of self-destruction as the humanoids did in the time before.

Using preserved ancient data, the holy state knows all about the humanoids and how they destroyed the world. In the time before, the humanoids fought not just one another, but nature as well. Whilst the holy state of Borea knows that all subjects are ancestors of the ancient Homo erectus, the time before pitted themselves against the same animal kingdom whence they had descended.

Animals were killed for the humanoid’s pleasure and gain. Nature did not feed upon humanoids, yet humanoids feasted upon nature. It did not take long before they bordered extinction. The world became disastrously overpopulated: food and water disappeared; destructive resources fuelled transport which poisoned the ecosystem and ruined the natural world. A few powerful humanoids with many possessions told the rest of the world how to live.

This continued until irreparability. Animals died as their homes were demolished by humanoids. Oxygen levels dwindled as trees were obliterated. Water was polluted. The time before began prioritising which humanoids were worthy of accessing resources and which ones were not.

The weakest humanoids were sacrificed and their families torn apart. Chaos was everywhere. The time before became so immersed in greed and the incomprehensible belief that they were superior to all other beings that they began to die. Humanoid bodies could not withstand the toxic conditions they had created. At the brink of extinction, they had no alternative but to issue a cry for help – and the holy state of Borea rescued them.

The natural world was resurrected, and life was built upon the ruins left by the time before. Eight holy laws were issued absolving the time before of all misdeeds, and the holy state of Borea was born. Since the introduction of the Eight Holy Laws, the holy state of Borea and the planet it governs has blossomed. Advanced technology has reduced subject movement, thereby mitigating sweat and removing water usage through showers. Animals hunted to extinction by the time before have been resurrected and released back into the world.

All animals have been beautifully distributed evenly across the six regions of the world and protected so that their populations have soared. The ecosystem does not rely solely on one corner of the world. It is the subjects’ duty to revere and defend the natural world – and following the Eight Holy Laws allows them to do that. It is for this reason that the state motto reads:

Do Not Bite The Hand That Feeds You