“The figure’s entire head was masked by a dolphin’s face, and the body was cloaked with animal fur and leather.”
Dolphin rescues Perry from the state prison and takes him to a distant forest – only to abandon him there


“On one side pointed a long, lavender pink spike of hair, while the spike on the other side was deep emerald. The hair over Kirito’s scalp was tinged a dark green, but this was likely due to the miscellany of


“A stern-faced bald man stepped out of the gloom and grabbed Perry’s arm, dragging him into the forest.”
Crank is the king of the Leagros tribe.

Crank is the king of the Leagros tribe. He is stern, laconic, and impatient …


“Her body was skeletal, and the moonlight clearly revealed the bones beneath her sallow skin. She had long, sleek black hair, and looked sideways to offer a brief smile.”
Avanti seems deeply unwell. Her body reminds Perry of a walking


“In one hand Saskat held a wooden container, filled with an odorous liquid, and in the other she squeezed the layers of fat drowning her belly.”
Saskat appears fairly harmless – and surely won’t survive long in Hades Forest.



“Perry was in no doubt, as he looked into a set of eyes flickering with pride and defiance, that this was a warrior who would not be easily bettered in battle.”
Chintu has not been in Hades Forest for long


“Perry confronted his reflection in the mirror, and sighed. There appeared to be a bird’s nest on his head.
Perry Benson lives in the Holy State of Borea – but he hates every minute of it.

Perry Benson lives …