“On one side pointed a long, lavender pink spike of hair, while the spike on the other side was deep emerald. The hair over Kirito’s scalp was tinged a dark green, but this was likely due to the miscellany of leaves, grass and holly tangled throughout.”
Kirito is the most baffling fighter in the forest – yet also the most honest.

Kirito is eccentric, and brutally honest. He is not afraid to speak his mind, which causes Perry to re-evaluate his own flaws.

‘Sorry, mister fat man,’ said Kirito.

‘Why do you call me that?’ said Perry.

‘Because the fat man is very fat, sir.’

Perry spent the next ten minutes walking with greater zeal through the forest, determined to burn as many calories as possible.


The two fighters part ways on their quest, and Perry faces an uncomfortable question: will he ever see Kirito again?

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